E.P.I.C Machel Montano, soca 2014

E.P.I.C Machel MontanoE.P.I.C Machel Montano soca 2014, ce titre nous fait décoller pour la destination Trinidad à la période du carnaval, un carnaval haut en couleurs.

  • Album: E.P.I.C
  • Artiste: Machel Montano

Le clip, E.P.I.C Machel Montano

Lyrics, E.P.I.C Machel Montano

W-oh yeah, Epic
[VERSE] Fetein on meh mind, I waitin whole year
I want everybody tuh know We out here
I feelin de vibes, our time is near
And we takin Over de show we don’t care

All hands in the sky, When my team comin down And we getting on yes, we takin over de town like all behaviour say goodbye
Like it just leave and gone, and it’s mad vibes straight till tomorrow morning so

Who want tuh drink rum is no scene, who not drinkin none is no scene
Everybody could come in, and jump with the biggest team Who want to pelt pace Is no scene, we mash up the place, is no scene
No body not bad like we, Cause we is the baddest team
We come out to play and be loose, everyting we do in E.P.I.C, (Whatever you do in) E.P.I.C, when you hear the music team up
Ah jumpin up me and meh crew, watch how we does do with E.P.I.C (we come out to do it)
E.P.I.C (so get in your unit), team up

Adrenaline rush, no stopping this lime
You could do whatever you wanna this time
We don’t need too much, two days will be fine
All de stress and de problems leave dem behind

I tell you to get in yuh team (team up, team up)
Get in yuh team, get in yuh team (team up, team up)
Ah say to gettin it, it’s time for epicness (ah-yo)
All hands in de sky now, team up, yeah we celebrate life now Team up, everybody get wild now, team up E.P.I.C
My team not ordinary, just call me legendary
Now one for the fete, for de jam and we teamin up in de sessions so

We come out to play
Be loose, everyting we do in E.P.I.C
We come out to play
Be loose, everyting we do in E.P.I.C

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